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How can I contribute to the BestViews community?

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Your contributions to BestViews are valuable and we encourage you to interact with the BestViews community. You could contribute to BestViews in many ways including:

Write Reviews: Share your experiences with the other users by writing reviews about the places you have visited.

Post in Forums: Our users are looking for help and advice related to finding places or planning travel. You could help to answer their questions or share your experiences with them in our Forums. You could subscribe to the topics of interest in our forums. Whenever a new content is posted in the subscribed topic you are then notified by email about the new post.

Share Photos and Videos: Share your BestViews pictures and videos in our PHOTO FEED page and help community discover new places.

Add New Places: If you have visited a BestViews qualified place but the place hasn’t been listed yet on BestViews, add the place on our site and help contribute to making us a comprehensive destination for BestViews. You can easily add a new place by selecting “ADD PLACE” from our site’s main menu.

Like or Comment Contributions: Appreciate the content that interests you or helpful by liking or responding to such content. Contributions such as reviews, forum posts, photo/media uploads or photo/media comments can be liked by clicking the heart icon present in the relevant contributions. Similarly content could be appreciated by posting comments or replies in the forums and individual photo/video.

Report Content: We would like to keep our site safe, a useful and reliable source of information and family friendly. You are encouraged to report any content which doesn’t need our content policy. Please see Report Content on how to report to us.

Feedback on Features and Content: We would like to hear back from our users. You are encouraged to send feedback on the site features and content by sending us an email at Please also see Contact Us on how to reach us further.