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Fraudulent content

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BestViews is committed to ensuring the content we collect and provide to the community is free of fraud, honest and is trustworthy and our visitors have the expectation that the site will provide them with sincere, truthful and unbiased reviews and content.

Any attempts,such as those shown below without limitation, to influence, mislead or impersonate a traveler is considered fraudulent and may subject to penalties. :

  • Offering incentives, discounts or other offers and upgrades in exchange for reviews or removal of reviews;
  • Writing a review for their own business;
  • Submitting reviews on behalf of guests or impersonating guests or others;
  • Threatening or forcing guests to remove negative reviews or discouraging and prohibiting guests from posting unfavorable reviews;
  • Using any paid service or company to submit reviews;
  • Posting reviews on competitors