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What are hashtags used for?

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Hashtags could be used for searching the photos and videos and to display results which are associated with the searched hashtags.

When uploading an image or video, please ensure to include the relevant hashtags for the uploaded media such as place where the image was taken or a particular feature of the image such as “sunset” etc. This will help the community to easily find the content they are looking for and in addition your content could find more appreciation. Please choose hashtags correctly as using an inappropriate or too many irrelevant hashtags could result in negative feedback and decreased following.

While anyone could post hashtags, only the hashtags posted by the image author while uploading the image will be used for searching the images. However, all hashtags are clickable, that is, if someone posts a hashtag in a comment (i.e. it is not the author hashtag posted while uploading the image), while this non-author hashtag won’t be associated with the image where it is posted, it could be used for searching the images. and if this hashtag is clicked, then all the images with the associated hashtag will be displayed.