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What is photo feed?

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Photo feed page lists your personalized feed consisting of photos and videos posted by users you follow including the photos and videos posted by them in forums, listing galleries, reviews or directly in the photo feed page itself. In addition, it also has a Discover tab. Discover section features a dynamic combination of our all time popular, recently uploaded and trending photos and videos.

In addition, photo feed page has a photo search feature which can be used to search photos and videos by hashtags.

Further, users can directly upload photos and videos by clicking on the “+” icon present in the top, right corner of the page. Please keep in mind that BestViews is a site about places. Irrelevant content, which doesn’t meet our guidelines, including photos of food or personal pictures which don’t highlight a place’s views will be rejected. Photos or videos relevant to a forum post or a place should be uploaded by replying to the forum topic or writing a review for the place and attaching photos and videos to the reply or review. By posting this way, in the relevant area, the uploaded photos and videos will likely get more views and appreciation and would be more beneficially to the community.