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A listing on BestViews is a page for a place such as an attraction or a business and most BestViews listings are free and any user can submit a qualified listing. While most popular attractions are allowed to have a listing on BestViews, only the businesses, such as Hotels, Restaurants etc., which offer a View, from their properties, to one of these top popular attractions, will be allowed to have a listing page on BestViews. In addition, some businesses could be popular travel destinations themselves or popular photo-worthy places among travel influencers. Such businesses are also allowed to have a listing page on BestViews. In additions, the following guidelines apply to listings:

  • Businesses should be stationary, must have an official name and a permanent address.
  • Must be open to public on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Businesses which could be characterized as Accommodations (Hotels, hostels, B&Bs, Inns and guest houses), Restaurants, Bars, Pubs or Cafes.
  • Businesses such as tour operators, cruise, airlines etc. are excluded from listings although such businesses could still list or advertise their businesses through sponsored listings and other partnerships.
  • Attractions or Places of interest should be stationary and have a permanent address with some exceptions such as when highlighting aerial views of a city or a destination. In such exceptions, those listings will be included with out any reference to specific business.
  • Events, festivals, or other short-term things.
  • Businesses or clubs that require an application or membership to join/use the facilities.

If your business doesn’t qualify for a listing, or want to upgrade your business from a free listing, or for other advertisement and partnership opportunities, please See Sponsored Listing.