Instagrammable places in San Francisco with Instagrammable places in San Francisco

From places with best views of the Golden Gate Bridge to Instagrammable neighborhoods with colorful houses such as Painted Sisters, colorful tiled stairs to dining in a themed restaurant in an unique setting,discover all the Instagrammable places in San Francisco. Click on any place’s link to find more information including exact location, read or write reviews, see photos and videos or post questions about the place. Use the search bar above to further narrow down the results by place tags, by place type such as cafe or landmark etc.

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    San Francisco Cable Car

    View type : Cable Car, steep Streets, Instagrammable, City View

    Iconic cable cars of San Francisco are the world's last manually operated cable cars. There are three cable car lines in operation: Powell / Hyde Cable Car, Powell Mason Cable Car and California Cable Car. You can ride these at the turnarounds or one of the designated stops.

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    View type : Bay Bridge, Skyline, Bay

    Embarcadero is home to several waterfront attractions including, with its iconic clock tower, the 1898 Ferry Building and a series of piers with ferries and Bay Bridge views.

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    Golden Gate Park

    View type : Park, Ponds, Flowers, Garden, Windmill

    Golden Gate Park is a large urban park covering over 1000 acres and featuring gardens, trails, ponds, picnic areas, museums etc.

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    Palace of Fine Arts

    View type : Landmark

    Inspired by ancient Roman and Greek architectures, Palace of Fine Arts is one of the San Francisco's landmarks and also one of the most photographed sites in San Francisco.

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    Lombard Street (Crooked Street)

    View type : Winding Street, Steep Street, Instagrammable

    Known as the "crookedest" street in the world, it is famous for a steep, one-block section of the one-way street with eight hairpin turns alongside of grand Victorian mansions.