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Our annual top 10 Best Views Places in the World lists for the year 2023 feature Hotels and Vacation Rentals from around the world with stunning views, Restaurants featuring unique dining experiences in a scenic setting, Rooftops with breathtaking vistas and incredible Infinity Pools.

From scenic mountain vistas to stunning coastal views, these places offer visitors the chance to experience some of the most beautiful places in the world in a unique setting.

Our annual Best Views places list includes:

  • Accommodations with stunning mountain top glass cabins to underwater suites in transparent glass domes
  • Unique dining experience in a restaurant set on a cliff-top cave overlooking the sea to a treetop dining experience in a nest with picturesque views
  • Highest rooftops with stunning skyline vistas to seaside rooftops with breathtaking sunset views
  • Incredible Infinity pool in the Alps with mountain views to largest rooftop pool with 360 degree panoramic views

The list was compiled by our travel experts based on the stunning views from the place coupled with the uniqueness of the property, positive feedback and interest received by the places over the last year on our social media posts from our two million plus social media subscribers and in addition the ratings, mentions and views of these properties on our website.

The list provides the opportunity for everyone to explore these beautiful places, enhance their travel experience and help create memorable moments.

The complete lists can be found at the links below.

Chalet Al Foss Breakfast in the Mountains

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