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How do I close or delete my account?

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We work hard to provide all of our members with great service, so please contact us if you’ve had specific issues with our site, policies, or other members. We would be glad to work with you to improve your experience. In addition, if you would like to delete some specific content you have posted, please see Remove My Content to see how you can delete specific content posted by you.

If you would still like to close your account, you can do so by contacting us on email at and letting us know that you want to close your account. Once your account is closed, your account/profile page will not be visible to public. However closing your account may not remove your contributions including your ratings, comments, photos and other media submitted to public posts such as forum posts, listing reviews, photo-feed pages, any content in the messages sent to other members of the Service and any comments directly posted in the photo/media. These may continue to display together with your username and profile image thumbnail (if you haven’t removed your profile image before closing the account), however when someone clicks on the username link, it will not display the closed account holder’s account/profile page. If you would like to delete any comments or media you have submitted to such public posts (you can see these contributions in your account/profile page), you could do so before closing your account, by clicking on the report button or flag icon on each such individual public post you would like to have removed and letting us know that you would like to have it removed. For information on how to remove your specific contributions, pictures, posts etc. including deleting your profile and cover pictures, please see Remove My Content. If you need to close your account with bulk deletion of your content, please write to us on email at and let us know about your situation and request us to delete all your content. Please keep in mind that such bulk deletion may still retain photo and video comments you have made (this will show attributed to your username, but clicking on the username will not show your profile page).