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How can I delete my photos or content I posted?

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We appreciate your contributions to our site. We understand that you may sometimes want to delete content you already posted or photos and other media you have uploaded. You can remove your content by reporting the content you want us to delete and letting us know that you want to deleted your content. We will remove your requested reviews and other content from our site. This process cannot be reversed. Please keep in mind that this process will remove the specific requested content and we will not remove your entire content in bulk (unless under extreme circumstances) as this would disrupt the flow of conversation in forum posts etc. To request removal of specific content;


Delete Forum Posts: Please see Report Forum Posts on how to delete forum content, including photos or other media, which you have posted in the forum posts.


Delete Reviews: Please see Report Reviews on how to delete your reviews, including photos or other media which you have posted in the reviews.


Report Photos, Videos including posted comments in the media: Please see Report Media on how to delete your photos submitted in the PHOTO FEED Page. If you would like delete photos posted in your reviews or forum posts, please see Report Reviews and Delete Forum Posts sections above.


Delete Profile or Wall/Cover Photo: To delete or change your profile or cover photos, visit your Profile page, and select “Delete” selection under the  Change Profile Photo/ Change Cover Image tab in the profile section of your account page.


Delete Listing: Once a listing is approved and posted, it is usually not possible for the listing author, including listing business owner, to delete the listing. Please see Can I Delete My Listing for further information. If a business has moved closed or changed name and the information hasn’t been updated yet on BestViews, please see  Report Listings on how to report such listings.


In addition, you could send us an email at to further delete any other content or have any questions on deleting your content.