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Guidelines for messaging

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BestViews has a  messaging feature to keep you connected with your fellow community members. We ask that you abide by our Content Policy and below rules for messaging:

Friendly and Appropriate: Do not use this feature to harass, abuse or send inappropriate content. Be polite and friendly while using this feature. Attempts to impersonate other members or other officials are prohibited. Harassment and other inappropriate content should be reported immediately by sending email to or messaging onsite to @admin.

No Spam: Contacting multiple members or sending multiple messages with irrelevant or unwanted private messages is prohibited and will result in your account being permanently disabled. Users should report spam by sending email to or messaging onsite to @admin.

Non-Commercial: Business owners or representatives may message members, but should identify themselves as such. Offering incentives, discounts, upgrades, or any special treatment in exchange for writing, editing or removing any content and threats or pressure to remove negative content is strictly prohibited.