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How can I best use BestViews?

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BestViews is a community for sharing and discovering top or trending places with scenic views, landscape views, popular attractions, Instagrammable places or popular photo spots,  businesses such as accommodations, restaurants, bars, cafes with best views.  BestViews provides several ways to share and interact with community and discover or rate and review places.

Specific Destination or Place:  You can easily discover, research or find detailed information (including user reviews and ratings) about,  top, trending or popular places, attractions businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes etc. Please see Getting Started, on how to search for, read reviews, view photos shared by users etc. about specific places or places within a destination.

Forums: Use our forums to share with, help, interact with or get advice from the BestViews community. In addition, if have questions about specific places including Hotels, Restaurants etc., you could post these questions in the forum topic dedicated to the specific place, where fellow users or business representatives could provide help or answer your questions promptly.

Discover Places with BestViews: Discover tab in our Photo-Feed page dynamically displays a combination of all time popular photos, trending photos and new photos. Every time you visit you this may find or discover places which might be of interest to you.

Interact with Community: BestViews provides several ways to interact with the community. In addition to interacting with community in our forums and sharing your experiences in place reviews, you could also follow users or your friends. By following users, you could easily follow their photo and video contributions in the Photo-Feed page. The “Following” tab in the Photo-Feed page displays media contributions from the people you are following. In addition, each member of the community has a dedicated page where you find more information about the user, including the user’s followers, whom the user is following, user’s photo contributions, reviews, forum contributions etc.

Add New Places or Write Reviews: Help the community discover by writing reviews about the places you have visited. If the place you have visited has not yet been listed on BestViews, you could easily add the place and list it on the BestViews.