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A listing on BestViews is a page for a place such as an attraction or a business and most BestViews listings are free and any user can submit a qualified listing. While most popular attractions are allowed to have a listing on BestViews, only the businesses, such as Hotels, Restaurants etc., which offer a View, from their properties, to one of these top popular attractions, will be allowed to have a listing page on BestViews. In addition, some businesses could be popular travel destinations themselves or popular photo-worthy places among travel influencers. Such businesses are also allowed to have a listing page on BestViews. Please see What Places Qualify to know more about allowable listings on BestViews. Furthermore, these listings could be separated into below categories:


Attractions: Attractions are popular places, landmarks, monuments, places of interest, places offering views (scenic, landscape, cityscape) and Instagrammable and photo-worthy places and the places could include businesses as well as long as they are open to public and qualify the BestViews listing guidelines.

Accommodations: Accommodations category includes businesses which could be qualified as Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, Inns and  Guest houses.

Restaurants: Restaurants include formal dine-in places and as well as fast-food, fast-casual or quick bites places where food or meal is served. Places which offer no seating such as drive-through or take away only and catering services do not qualify.

Bars: This category includes places which primarily serve alcohol, have a bar section which is separate from the dine-in section and may serve pub style food. This category includes establishments such as bars, pubs and night clubs.

Cafes: Places such as coffee shops, bakeries, dessert and ice cream places which do not offer full menu for lunch or dinner but may offer light snacks but the main focus is serving coffee, tea, pastries, cakes and ice creams etc., fall under this category. Places which do not offer seating but offer only take away or drive-through only are not qualified.