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What is a listing?

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Listing: A listing on BestViews is a page for a place such as an attraction or a business and most BestViews listings are free and any user can submit a qualified listing. While most popular attractions are allowed to have a listing on BestViews, only the businesses, such as Hotels, Restaurants etc., which offer a View, from their properties, to one of these top popular attractions, will be allowed to have a listing page on BestViews. In addition, some businesses themselves could be popular travel destinations themselves or popular photo-worthy places among travel influencers. Such businesses are also allowed to have a listing page on BestViews.

Listing page contains the location’s general information such as user ratings summary, address etc. In addition, each listing page has several tabs such as Profile (which includes a brief description about the listing), Photos tab (which includes photos and videos submitted by the users in the reviews section, photos submitted by the listing author and in addition may contain photos submitted by the claimed listing management), Map  tab (which could be used to get directions to the listing by entering the address or clicking on the compass icon to get directions from your present location) and Reviews tab (which includes the reviews sections where user submitted reviews are posted). This page may also have content that the business provides, such as management photos and management responses to user reviews.

Claimed Listing: A claimed listing has a check mark next to the name. While any user could submit a listing, only the business owner or representative could claim the listing. See Claim Listing on how to claim your business listing and the advantages of a claimed listing.

Sponsored Listing: While most listings are free, business owners could sponsor a listing. These listings are identified with “Sponsored” badge under the listing title in the listings results page. A sponsored listing could a free listing upgraded to Sponsored Listing status. In addition, a sponsored listing could be a new listing wherein this new listing could be for a business which is generally not qualified for a free listing( for example, an airlines or a travel agency). In addition, since these sponsored listings could be temporary and may not qualify for free listing status, some sponsored listings could have content such us user review, rating and ranking sections excluded. See Sponsored Listing on how to sponsor your business and the advantages and types of sponsoring your business.

Book-the-View™ Listing: On most booking sites for accommodations, it is not easy or possible for the user to book the accommodation or room offering the desired View. In addition, the shown images for the property may include images from nearby attractions or city attractions, leading to frustration and unsatisfied costumer experience. Book-the-View™ Listing from BestViews offers accommodation business owners to show case views from their accommodation and offer links to direct booking of the accommodations from their sites. For the consumers, it offers a great way to book accommodations they see and want without any confusion. Business owners please see the Sponsored Listing on how to include your business in the Book-the-View™ listing.