Q & A
  • Museum of the Future is a futuristic looking building set alongside the high-rises on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The Museum combines elements of exhibition, immersive theatre and themed attraction designed to expand what the audience thinks possible – for the world, for the future and for themselves.

    It is a modern structure with exterior facade of the building comprising windows that form an Arabic Poem about the emirate’s future. The torus shaped shell sits on top of the building and comprises 1024 fire-retardant composite panels clad in stainless steel, and each of which has a unique 3D shape to create the Arabic calligraphy engraved quotes. The building’s form is symbolic with circular section of the building representing humanity, the green mound it sits on representing earth and the void representing the unknown future.

    The museum has seven floors dedicated to different exhibitions. Three floors focus on outer space resource development, ecosystems, bio-engineering, health and well being featuring exhibits such as life in a space station in 2071, DNA library with more than 2400 models of species on display inside a jar case and a digital recreation of the Amazon rain forest.  Three floors showcase near-future technologies that address challenges in areas such as health, water, food, transportation and energy. The last floor is dedicated to children.