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BestViews is a site about places and therefore content posted in forums (other than site usage help forums etc.) should be related to places or travel destinations. The forums are friendly, interactive discussion areas where members can ask for and share their opinions, advice and experiences from other community members. You can get a lot of great advice in the forums, but keep in mind that you should use your best judgement to evaluate information and advice from other members. Anyone can view the  forums content, but to post a new topic or reply to a post, you’ll need to have BestViews account. Please see Register to know more about creating an account.


Your posts and contributions to BestViews are valuable and encourage you to interact with the BestViews community. To help us keep BestViews a safe and trustworthy source for information and advice, we ask that you abide by BestViews Content Guidelines and the following rules for forum posts:


Relevant: Posts must be appropriate and should directly relate to the topic to which it is posted. Posting irrelevant content or posting same content multiple times is considered spam and will be removed.

Non-Commercial: Our forum posts are for community members to interact and exchange experiences, information and advice. Please don’t post content advertising a service or business. We reserve the right to remove or reject content for any reason  and any external links irrelevant to the content or highly promotional may be removed. Postings in exchange for money, discounts, upgrades or other benefits is prohibited.

No Personal Attacks: Forums are not the place to make allegations of fraud or suspicious contributions regarding a specific person or property. Please refrain from making any personal attacks.

Questions and Answers Forum for Listings (QandA Forum): Users are encouraged to use listing’s QandA forum for planning a visit such as best time to visit the place etc. When posting to a listing’s QandA Forum, please keep things relevant to the business listed and answers should be relevant to the question asked. . Please refrain from comments directed at a representative of the business or another user. If you are a business owner or representative, you must disclose your affiliation with your business when asking or answering questions. If you are a business owner, learn how to claim your business here.

Users are encouraged  to report any forum post which doesn’t meet our guidelines. Please see Report Forums Post on how to report a forum post.