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How do I search or find what I am looking for?

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BestViews features several search features for finding the content you are looking for easily.

Best Views Search Bar: To search or find places by name, category, place tags (such as rooftop, infinity pool etc.), accommodation style (such as 5-star), Restaurants by cuisine type, places within a City or places near you etc. use the BestViews big search bar located in the Home Page, City Listing Page, Search Results page. Please see Getting Started and Best Views Search Bar on learning how to use this search bar.

Search Forums: To search content posted in forums, use the search bar located in the forum pages. Please see Search Forums on how to search forum content.

Search by Hashtags: Clicking on the hashtags which are posted in the forum posts, photo/video comments etc. will display all the photos or videos associated with the clicked hashtag. Alternately, photos or videos could be searched by hashtags by entering the hashtag in the hashtag search bar located in the photo-feed page. Please see Search Photos to learn more.

Clicking Author or Place links: Author name displayed alongside their posted content (such as forum posts, reviews, photo/video comments etc.) is clickable. By clicking the name, you could visit the author account/profile page where you could browser through the author’s contributions including uploaded photos, posted reviews, forum posts etc. Similarly by clicking the place links which are located below the author name ( for the  photos or videos submitted in listings or forums),  you could see topics or listing where the image/video was posted and get additional information and related content there.

Place Tags: You can find the place tags on the detailed listing page of any place. By clicking these place tags, you could easily find and compare all the places (within the same city as the listed place) tagged with the same place tags.