Q & A
  • Located just a short walk away from the Carpark area near the cruiseship terminals is a sandy beach area with a swing with views of the Mitre Peak and the Milford Sound. This popular photo-spot can be easily reached by a 0.6 mile walk from the parking area. While waiting to board the cruiseship, it might be a good option to explore it.

    There are no signs posted leading to the swing, so it might be a little difficult to find it. From the CarPark area follow the directions to the Milford Foreshore Walk. Once you are on the Foreshore Walk, you will cross a wooden bridge. After the bridge, the trail forks out. Keeo to the rightside of the trail. After a short walk, you will be able to see the swing to your rightside. During lowtide you can easily walk to the swing, however during high tides you may need to walk through some shrubs to get to it.

    Please see the map to find the exact location of the swing.